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The table below indicates the use of geometric shapes, symbols, and colours within Health
and Safety Signage.

Safety sign symbols

How to calculate the size of sign you need

Use of directional arrows

Arrows must be used with care, correct identification of the direction on an escape route is critical. Use the illustrations to decide what fire exit sign is required.

The Health & Safety Sign Regulations

Fire exit route and fire exit signs were originally text and included an arrow for travel direction, though the arrow was only used when it was appropriate.

Since the introduction of the EEC Directive (92/58/EEC), which has been designed to standardize safety signage across Europe, there is no risk of safety signs being mis-understood.

The EC decided that there should be a sign or series of signs which, could easily be understood across the European Community. It was decided that a symbol, pictogram should be the main feature of the sign design.


You want your safety signs to look exactly like the illustration. The design of these signs follow the Health and Safety Regulations act 1996

Further information on British Standard versus European Fire Exit Signs